Homemade carob pita

with Katiki Domokou cheese, feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes and spearmint

Marinated anchovies

with fennel, lime, chilli, rice vinegar and soya

Home-cured smoked tuna

with aubergine spread and fresh onion

Grilled octopus

served with smoked bean paste, grilled cherry tomatoes and samphire


Seafood Linguine

with prawns, shellfish, fennel, bisque in tomato sauce

Sea Bream fillet

with creamy celery root puree, courgette, olive oil and lemon sauce seasoned with fennel

‘Catch of the day’ fish kleftiko

with kale, baby tomatoes, sweet red peppers, fennel, onion and herbs

Beef tagliata

with aubergine puree and chimichurri sauce


Creamy chocolate mousse

choux pastries filled with cream cheese, chocolate sauce and hazelnut crunch


flavoured with Greek coffee

Crema catalana

seasoned with orange and served with red berries


Homemade apricot cheesecake

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